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Top 6 Android Smartphone Under Rs 7000


Android is an operating system, which is quite easy and convenient to use, in comparison with other mobile operating systems. It was developed as an open source by Google and based on the Linux kernel. It is the most popular smartphone and tablet platform, because there are many available and useful apps, various simple functions and tools, frequent updates and so on.

Android is a reasonable, tunable and lightweight operating system, which is used in many electronic devices. The prices for many android smartphones are not high, but the quality of their work is very good. I would like to share the list of the most popular and alluring smartphones with you, with a price nearly Rs 7000. They are really worth your attention.So here is the list of Smartphone Under Rs 7000.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 :

It is a smartphone, which works with Android v2.3 operating system. In spite of its low price, there are some attractive advantages in usage. This device has the 832 MHz Processor, so it is quite high-powered one.The display resolution is 320×240 Pixels. This model is provided with 2 MP camera. Its battery allows usage of the phone about six hours continuously. The storage is about 160 MB, but you can use MicroSD, which allows you to fill up it to 32 GB.

XOLO 500 :

XOLO 500 is a reasonable Android Smartphone.  The device runs on the Android V 4.0 operating system and it’s powered with a good 1 GHz Dual Core Processor.  The display is about 480x800Pixels. Its camera is both front and back, 5MP. Besides, this smartphone allows usage of two Sim Cards and wi-fi connection. The storage capacity is about 32 GB with MicroSD. This smartphone functions during 6-7 hours without charger. The price is at Rs. 7000.

Karbonn A15 :

There is a 1GHz Processor and Android v4.0 operating system in this smartphone. It is possible to use two Sim cards at the same time, so it is very convenient, if you are a very busy man. The display resolution is 480 x 800 Pixels. Its camera is 3MP and the internal storage is 4GB. Purchase MicroSD in order to boost the storage capacity of this phone. Karbonn A15 is reasonable for everybody, it costs only Rs. 5399.

Karbonn Smart A26 :

This Android device has a big 5-inch screen with a resolution of 480×854 pixels. It works with an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and there is a 1GHz processor. The basic memory is over 2 GB. However, using MicroSD, the memory gets at 32GB. The 5MP camera is both front and back. Wi-fi connection is also available. Karbonn Smart A26 costs about Rs. 6,500.

Micromax Canvas Viva A72 :

Micromax Canvas Viva A72 is provided with 1GHz MediaTek MT6515 processor and works with Android 2.3.6 operating system. There is a 3MP camera, that is good at such low price. Of course, the device’s memory is only 110 MB, but it is possible to use a MicroSD and you get 16 GB. You’re able to work with two Sim Cards at the same time. Its battery lasts for 7 hours during continuous speech.

Lava Iris 405 :

Lava Iris 405 a smartphone with 1GHz dual-core processor, runs on Android 4.1 operating system.  Its camera is 5 MP. It is nice, because this appliance costs only Rs 6.499. 2 GB of the storage are available to users, but MicroSD allows usage of 32 GB. The display resolution is 800 x 480 pixels. As for its battery (1400 mAh), you can speak without stop during 6 hours.

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